Winter 2017 course enrolment information for all programs

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Winter course enrolment for all DAIS, MI, MMSt, and PhD students:

Second year+ students:

6 a.m., Thursday November 3, 2016 (ACORN/ROSI time) to 10 am, Tuesday November 8, 2016

Note:  Course enrolment will be disabled between 10 am, Tuesday November 8 and 6 am, Thursday November 10.

All students and first year students (includes September 2016 starters):

6 a.m., Thursday November 10, 2016 (ACORN/ROSI time)

Program specific information:

Master of Information students
Master of Museum Studies students


  • Course section code is either S (e.g., INF1240H S, MSL2100H S) or Y (MSL3000Y)
  • For a refresher on course selection mechanics, and an interactive video, please refer to the information posted on our website.
  • Maximum course load for Full-time students is 2 FCEs (i.e., 4 half courses) per session.
  • Maximum course load for Part time students is 1 FCEs (i.e., 2 half courses) per session.
  • Check the Winter 2017 timetable ahead of time here for any changes/updates: