Awards - Master and Doctoral - 2017 Hilda Wilson Fellowship in Technology, Information and Culture

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  • Awarded to an incoming or current Faculty of Information graduate student or students whose work focuses on media and communications related investigations begun by Harold Innis, Eric Havelock, Marshall McLuhan and/or other Toronto scholars on the impact of technology on culture.
  • The recipient, who can be either a full-time or part-time student from the Masters or Doctoral program, will be chosen on the basis of financial need. Academic merit and/or creative initiative will also be considered. Preference is given to a student who is enrolled in a course offered by the McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology.
  • Students must submit an application form as well as provide evidence of their interest in this topic by means of a thesis proposal, major paper, exhibition project, such as MSL4000Y, conference presentation, etc.

Value: $ 3,000 - $3,500 - up to two fellowships may be awarded at the Awards Committee's discretion

Fillable PDF application form. You may want to fill out and print the application form on a PC as there are known Adobe Acrobat issues when working on a Mac computer.

Deadline: 5 pm, Friday, February 17, 2017

Submit applications by the established deadline to:

Awards Committee, c/o iSchool Student Services
Faculty of Information
140 St. George Street, Room 211, Mailbox #B71
Toronto, ON M5S 3G6