INF2306H Special Topics in Information Studies: Designing for Knowledge Work

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Broadly speaking, designing the provision of information encompasses a large range of human activities in a variety of contexts, from entertainment to commerce, from social media to solitary exploration of a topic or problem. Designing for knowledge work (DKW), however, is specifically concerned with facilitating reading, learning, knowing, and sharing information as part of workplace activities. DKW can be examined at the level of the individual, the group, and even the organization itself. At the level of the individual, central topics include understanding human cognition from reading performance to decision-making, and their implications for textual and graphical information displays. At the levels of the group and the organization, the use of tools for communication, information sharing, and decision support are central topics; intranets, corporate portals, enterprise information portals, and even ‘website’ are all different names given to the infrastructure and tools for collaborative knowledge work. * Pending approval

Course is pending approval