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#28-16 | Bye-School - End of Year Party

iSchool, Bye-School, get it? Sick of this theme already? Well, sorry but our year end party is approaching fast and we're getting excited and iSchool patriotic! For some, school's going to be out forever; for others, school's just out for the summer. But whatever category you fall under, come and celebrate the start of summer at The Pilot (22 Cumberland St, Toronto - 2nd floor "Stealth Lounge") on Saturday, April 8th at 8:30 pm! This event is free for all - MI, MMSt, alum, and guests included. Some appetizers will be provided (courtesy of MISC and FIAA). All the fun will be had. So be there or be iSquare.

No RSVP is required but feel free to check out the Facebook event as we count down with fun memes, gifs and YouTube clips:

Best of luck with the rest of your semesters and we look forward to celebrating with you all!

#28-17 | NASIG Opportunities for Library Science Students

NASIG is an independent organization working to advance and transform the management of information resources. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate and improve the distribution, acquisition, and long-term accessibility of information resources in all formats and business models. NASIG currently has two opportunities for Library Science students whose deadlines are looming.

The NASIG Student Outreach Committee (SOC) invites proposals for the Student Spotlight Sessions for the 32nd NASIG conference in Indianapolis, IN, June 8 to 11. The theme of the conference is “Racing to the Crossroads.” Read more »

#27-1 | American Library Association’s (ALA) Site Visit – Call for Student Participation


You are invited to attend an ‘MI Students/ALA Pizza Lunch’ for MI students on Monday, March 27 from noon to 1 pm, Rm. 728 to engage with members of the American Library Association (ALA) Executive Review Panel. Here’s why this is important.

At regularly scheduled intervals, the American Library Association’s (ALA) Committee on Accreditation (COA) evaluates the Master of Information program at the University of Toronto iSchool. The program has continuously been judged to be in “good standing” since 1937 when it was first accredited. Last assessed in 2010, the program is currently undergoing its review for 2017. Accreditation assures for students, employers, and the general public, a level of quality control in the education and training of information professionals.

The process involves preparation of a comprehensive Self-Study document which provides evidence of compliance with five standards relating to (1) systematic planning, (2) curriculum, (3) faculty, (4) students, and (5) administration, finances, and resources. The standards stress innovation, and encourage programs to take an active role in and concern for future developments and growth in the field of information. The final Self-Study document was approved by Faculty Council in February and submitted to the COA; the iSchool will be welcoming a panel of external reviewers for a site visit, Monday, March 27 and Tuesday, March 28.

The External Review Panel (ERP) will consult with a large variety and number of stakeholders. They want to hear from those who are most engaged with, impacted by, and regularly interfacing with the iSchool MI program. It is the opportunity for the iSchool community and those associated with it to provide input and offer opinions regarding the MI program.

Please RSVP to Christine G. Chan at christinegrace [dot] chanatutoronto [dot] ca if you are planning to attend.

We appreciate your support and participation in the accreditation review process.

Barbara (Barb) Brown
Assistant Dean, Registrarial & Student Services
Faculty of Information
University of Toronto

#27-2 | Reminder: Summer 2017 Course Enrolment Dates, Timetable, and Information

Summer 2017 Course Enrolment Dates have been set – please read the announcement carefully for information on the phased enrolment process.

Check the Summer 2017 timetable prior to course enrolment.

Also read the announcements on Summer 2017 Course Enrolment: Good to know information and Summer Session Tuition Fees & Gym Memberships for important details.

#27-3 | Summer 2017 OSAP Extension Form - Now Available Online

The summer 2017 OSAP extension form (for students who received OSAP in fall/winter 2016-17) is now available as an online form. Please see the details on the Summer 2017 OSAP Extension Application for Full-Time Students - Now Available Online announcement. Read more »

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