Susan A. Brown Administrative Staff Achievement Award

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Susan A. Brown served in a variety of administrative roles in the Faculty of Information for 31 years, and retired as the Assistant Dean, Administration in December 2013. Susan has always believed that administrative staff members play a key role in the work of the University, and administrators should be recognized for their enormous contributions to our community.

To honour Susan’s achievements, contributions, and dedicated service, the Faculty of Information has established the Susan A. Brown Administrative Staff Achievement Award. The Faculty will grant this Award to a deserving administrative staff member each year.

Selection Criteria:
The Susan A. Brown Administrative Staff Achievement Award is designed to celebrate the contributions of a staff member who displays competence, commitment, courtesy, and concern for others routinely; and who without fanfare or self-promotion contributes daily to the success of the Faculty of Information.

All administrative staff members at the Faculty of Information (including all USW, Confidentials, PM 1-5 employee group members) are eligible for the Award if they meet the selection criteria. PM 6-9 employees are ineligible for this Award. To be eligible, nominees must have been employed at the Faculty of Information for at least 12 months and must not have won this award in the previous 5 years.

The annual winner of the Susan A. Brown Administrative Staff Achievement Award will receive $500 (in the form of either a gift card/certificate) at the Award ceremony. Award winners must allow their names to be inscribed on a plaque, have their name included in an online news story, and attend the Award ceremony, at which photos will be taken and published

The Award will be given annually at the last iTea of the term (usually in April) or some other similarly appropriate time or event. However, the Award may be deferred to the following year if no suitable candidate is nominated and/or selected.

Nominations will be accepted throughout the school year, but will close on March 1 each calendar year. A reminder email will be sent out at the beginning of the winter term (January).

Nomination Procedures:
Any Faculty of Information employee including staff, supervisors, administration, and faculty members (full-time or adjunct instructors) are encouraged to submit nominations for a staff person. Eligible candidates must be nominated by at least two colleagues, one of whom must be a faculty member. The nominating faculty member should secure a second nomination before the deadline. Supporting letters from other colleagues will also be considered.

Each nomination should include:
1. A completed nomination form (click link for template) which requires:
• The Name of the nominee and their current position
• The Nominee’s University phone number, and email, and department
• The Nominator’s name and email

2. The nomination form includes space for a rationale for the nomination. The rationale should highlight specific examples that support the nominee’s contributions and how they relate to the selection criteria. The rationale and individual supporting letters should be limited to 500 words in length.

Nomination packages should be submitted directly to the Chief Administrative Officer by the deadline of March 1st.

Award Selection:
Nominations for the Susan A. Brown Administrative Staff Achievement Award will be judged confidentially by the Promotions Committee of the Faculty, which is an independent body with a membership that normally rotates each year. Each nomination will be judged by the Committee based on its individual merits. Members of the Promotions Committee cannot submit any nominations.