Background information on the 'Future of the Inforum' discussions

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Recommendations from the UTL/iSchool Working Group were received by Faculty Council at its meeting of March 20, 2015, after having gone through the Information Services Committee.

This page contains links to background documents important to the discussions on the future of the Inforum at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, during 2014 and 2015.

A binder of these documents, along with a few others that cannot be posted, is available at the Inforum Information Desk.

UTL/iSchool Partnerships Working Group (2014 August – )

This group was constituted to deal with some of the recommendations of the UTQAP External Review. Membership consists of:  Seamus Ross, iSchool Dean (Chair); Larry Alford, University Chief Librarian/UTL; Julie Hannaford, Deputy Chief Librarian/UTL; Lari Langford, Head of Access & Information, Robarts Library & also Interim Director of Information Services, iSchool; Wendy Duff, Professor, iSchool; Siobhan Stevenson, Associate Professor, iSchool;  Kathleen Scheaffer, Outreach & Instructional Services Coordinator, iSchool Information Services.

  • Discussion Draft Document for Constituency Comment: Inforum Renewal (2014 December, PDF)

UTQAP (U of T  Quality Assurance Process) External Review (2013/2014)

  • UTQAP External Review Report Summary (2014, PDF)
     This document includes reviews of other faculties. Ours is first, and is numbered pp. 1–9.
  • UTQAP External Review Report:  Full (2014, PDF)
  • iSchool Administrative Response to the UTQAP External Review (2014 October, PDF)
    This decanal response is also included as part of the Report Summary above, following pp. 1-9. The response includes the formation of the UTL/iSchool Partnerships Working Group, along with its mandate/terms of reference.
  • Information Services/Inforum Response to the UTQAP External Review Report (2014, PDF)
    Wherein misunderstandings and inaccuracies in the external reviewers’ comments were clarified and corrected by IS staff.

Task Force on Strategic Directions for Information Services (2013)

  • Task Force on Strategic Directions for Information Services Report (2013 May, PDF)
    Sometimes referred to as the Ridley Report, the TFIS Report, or the Task Force Report. Its recommendations were approved at a special meeting of Faculty Council on May 27, 2013.
  • Recommendations from the Task Force: Timeframes and Priorities (2013 July, PDF)
    Action items for Information Services in terms of Immediate / Short Term / Long Term.
  • Minutes of the special May 27, 2013 meeting of Faculty Council (PDF)
    This was the meeting where the Task Force recommendations were approved.

About Inforum/Information Services & its work

  • Information Services Organizational Chart (2012 – present, see Binder)
    Staffing and position titles as of 2012, with annotations to changes to staff complement (2012-present) in red.
  • Information Services at the iSchool (2011, online)
    Glossy brochure. Due to decreasing budgetary/staff resources, some services/resources/facilities are no longer offered, and the staffing complement has changed.
  • IS Service Catalogue: Draft (2014 June/July, PDF)
    A brief listing of ALL services, resources and facilities offered as of June/July 2014. Due to decreasing budgetary/staff resources, some services/resources/facilities are no longer offered.
  • Cost/Value Analysis of Selected Information Services (2014 October, PDF)
    An analysis of services suitable for cost recovery and/or income generation, based on selected services in our Service Catalogue
  • Articulating Our Contributions to iSchool Goals (2013, PDF)
    An internal document showing how Information Services engages with the iSchool strategic plan (2012–2017).
  • Theory, Practice, and Praxis: Information Services and the Inforum  (2013 March, PDF)
    Illustrated script of an invited conference presentation at the iSchool Graduate Student Conference.  Our panel presented on how the Inforum/Information Services embodies the conference theme of theory, practice, and praxis. Includes many examples of how the Inforum/Information Services integrates with iSchool curriculum, creates community, and much more.
  • The Inforum Collection at the Faculty of Information, U of T (2013 March, PDF)
    A 30 page report on the history and current status of the Inforum collections.
  • Description of Information Services: An Excerpt from the ALA Accreditation Program Presentation (2010, PDF)
    Section 6.2, pp. 6.2–6.13. This detailed description includes our mandate, philosophy, services, etc.
  • Information Services @ the Faculty of Information (2008 June, PDF)
    Brian Cantwell Smith’s (Dean, 2004-2008) document describes the creation, mandate, and goals of the Information Services Department, and its detailed role in the Faculty of Information.

Recent feedback related to Information Services

  • Information Services User Survey comments (2012*, see Binder)
    • All responses (132, anonymous) to the question ‘Which things do you like the MOST about the iSchool’s Information Services staff, facilities, services, and/or resources?
    • Selected responses to the question ‘Please comment on any other aspects of the iSchool’s Information Services facilities, resources, services, and staff you think may be of interest to us’

*No surveys were held in 2013 or 2014 since opportunities for feedback were available through the Task Force consultations (2013) and the Self-Study phase of the UTQAP review (2014).


                                                                      -- Compiled by Nalini K. Singh (2015 January)