Information Services internships & reports

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The paid internships offered by the iSchool's Information Services Unit , which includes the Inforum, have provided an opportunity for students entering the last year of their Master's degree to experience the operations of a fast-paced, innovative, and resource-rich information centre, first-hand.

"We were given projects that were relevant to our academic interests and would give us valuable skills when we graduated and began our careers." – Judith Majonis (2011)

Through full-time engagement with the iSchool's information professional staff on a variety of interesting and progressive projects, interns gained experience and insight into the numerous career avenues available to those with a Master's degree from the iSchool.

Note:  No internship opportunities have been available since Summer 2012.

Internship reports

Below are the reports prepared by Information Services Interns.  Submitted at the end of their contracts, the reports outline each intern's projects, and describe how the internship experience has shaped their career paths.