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The newly renovated Inforum contains many new and refurbished spaces, providing iSchool students and faculty with different configurations for collaborative or individual work and study.

Information on this page:

4th floor spaces

  • Study hubs: Each of the seven hubs are nestled in a windowed alcove, and offer a central table with booth-style seating for up to 5 people. Pot lighting inside each hub is responsive to presence. The two end hubs are accessible (below left)

Photo of Inforum study hubs taken by Noreen Ahmed-Ullah from U of T news

Photo of open area tables and chairs in the Inforum's 4th floor, taken by Brenna Pladsen, student assistant


  • Event space with several groups of chairs and low coffee tables, two L-shaped sofas, two other sofas, podium, projection and screen, and built in ceiling speakers (above right)Photo of the Inforum's iRelax meditation space, with two people meditating
  • Two bookable group study rooms, now with better soundproofing!
  • Collections space that houses course reserves, a reference collection, the periodicals collection, a juvenile collection, our new book display, and our general collection
  • iRelax: Mindfulness Resource Area:  located just past the stacks are secular mindfulness meditation and yoga resources, including sustainably-sourced cushions, yoga mats, blocks, and books. iPods loaded with guided meditations and yoga sequences, as well as sound-cancelling headphones are available at the Information Desk (right)
  • Semaphore Demo Room (Room 417) that forms part of the Semaphore Research Cluster, led by Professor Matt Ratto

5th floor spaces

  • Brody WorkLounge modules:  Each of the nine modules has a reclining padded seat, desk space for a laptop, a side table, a lamp, space for a coat and knapsack, a padded foot-rest, and privacy walls (below left)

Photo of a student at work in an Inforum study pod taken by Noreen Ahmed-Ullah of U of T news

5th floor ideas exchange space taken by Kathleen O'Brien, iSchool communications

  • The Ideas Exchange (Room 520) is a bookable space with four high tables, 24 chairs, and a separate AV system that includes two large screens (above right)

photo of a student mounting items on the Museum Studies mounting wall in the Inforum's 4th floor, taken by Charlotte Gagnier of U of T news

  • Skype room, with sliding doors
  • Mounting wall for Museum Studies (right)
  • Student lounge area, with coffee tables and comfy seating. A self-serve coffee area will be set up at some point soon (below left)
  • iTable area ('Room' 505A, although it is in an open area), with built-in projector and screen, and seating for up to 14 (below right)

photo of student lounge area on the Inforum's 5th floor, taken by Brenna Pladsen, student assistantphotograph of iTables and chairs on the Inforum's 5th floor, taken by Brenna Pladsen, student assistant

  • iSchool classrooms 507 & 538
  • Two research labs occupy space on the 5th floor: the iDB Lab, led by Professor Periklis Andritsos and Professor Kelly Lyons; and the Systems Design Studio, the new physical home of the Digital Curation Institute, led by Professor Christoph Becker
  • The 5th floor also houses our living wall and the Inforum branch of the Toronto Seed Library.


Access & bookings

The Inforum is open 24/7 to all members of the iSchool community after hours, by fob. After-hours usage does not include access to collection and technology loans. If you experience fob problems, please email the iSchool Facilities Coordinator: glen.menzies[at]

Some spaces in the Inforum may be booked as follows:

  • Group study rooms 416 & 418
    Contact Inforum staff:  In person  |  416-978-7060  |  help.ischool[at]
  • Event space (4th floor)
    Contact help.ischool[at]
  • Semaphore Demo Room (Room 417)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]
  • iTable ('Room' 505A)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]
  • Ideas Exchange (Room 520)
    Contact glen.menzies[at]

Care of our spaces


  • Do not let other people into the Inforum!  Everyone must use their own fobs to gain after-hours entrance. NEVER prop the doors open.
  • When leaving, be sure to close the door firmly.
  • Never leave your belongings unattended.
  • Emergencies: Use the Inforum desk phone - 416-978-7060 -  to call either 9-911 or Campus Police at 8-2222, depending on the nature of emergency. The Inforum desk phone is hooked up to the Campus Police TELS service, which alerts the dispatcher to the exact location of an emergency call placed from a campus phone.

Food & drink

  • Permitted in the Inforum, except for in the Collections area, and the Semaphore Demo Room.
  • Avoid messy foods, and clean up after yourselves.
  • Place trash in appropriate receptacles, including the green bin for compostables.


  • Be attentive to your fellow students in terms of noise level, and shared use of space.
  • Tidy up after yourselves, e.g. put chairs back, wipe up spills, throw out your garbage.
  • Full Inforum Etiquette guidelines [PDF]

U of T Libraries Conduct Regulations
U of T Libraries Policy on Accessing Pornographic Materials