Printing, copying, & scanning

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Printing & copying availability

Name Model Location Type Double-sided? Staples?

B&W Copier

Ricoh SP6430 4th floor  B&W Y Y
B&W Printer Ricoh MP6002 4th floor B&W   N
Colour Printer Ricoh SP C831 4th floor Col   N
Public workstation printer Ricoh MP6002 4th floor B&W   N
R224BW (Room 224 Printer) HP LaserJet P2015 Lab 224/225 B&W Y N


Wireless printing

How to print from your laptop to campus printers while connected to the U of T Campus Wireless Network:

iSchool print QUEUES to choose:

  • IS-BW for the Inforum black & white printer
  • IS-Colour for the colour printer.

Send your print job to the selected printer from anywhere on campus, then release it from the Inforum print release station the same way as you would when sending a job from an Inforum workstation.


  • B&W copying is available for masters' students via T-card, at 15 cents per page 
  • Cash to T-card machines are located at Robarts Library, 1st & 3rd floors
  • No colour copying is available
  • PhD students, faculty, and staff may use the photocopier in room 607
  • Faculty and staff may also use the photocopier in the main office 


  • The Inforum copier acts as a scanner
  • Scans can be B&W or colour
  • The scanned document can be emailed or saved on a USB flash drive
  • USB drives are available for borrowing - ask at the Information Desk
  • Ask Information Desk staff for assistance if needed


  • Payment for copying and printing is handled through T-cards.
  • Money can be added to T-cards at Robarts Library 1st & 3rd floors.
  • B&W printing or copying: 15 cents/page
  • No colour copying available
  • Colour printing: $1.00/page
  • Scanning: free