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Information on this page

Information on this page is in process of being updated - stay tuned for information on the contents of computers in e-classrooms 116 and 224/225


Software available on Inforum Dell workstations

MS Office 2013 Adobe CS Web Other
Word Acrobat X Pro FrontMotion Firefox CISCO
Excel Acrobat Reader XI Google Chrome Microsoft Silverlight
Powerpoint Acrobat Distiller X Internet Explorer Pharos
Access Flash Professional CS6   PuTTY
Visio Fireworks CS6   SafeNet
Communicator Illustrator CS6   SAP Front End
InfoPath Designer InDesign CS6   Zotero Standalone
InfoPath Filler Photoshop CS6    
OneNote Dreamweaver CS6    
Outlook Bridge CS CS6    
Publisher Extension Manager CS6    
Skype ExtendScript Toolkit CS6    
  LiveCycle ES2    
  Media Encoder CS6    



Software available at Inforum iMac workstations 1-5*

MS Office 2011 Adobe CS Web Other
Word Acrobat X Pro Firefox iWork 2009 - Keynote
Excel Fireworks CS5.1 Google Chrome iWork 2009 - Pages
Powerpoint Flash CS5.5 Safari iWork 2009 - Numbers
Outlook Flash Professional CS6   Dropbox
Communicator Illustrator CS5.1   Carbon Copy Cloner
  InDesign CS5.5   Reflector
  Photoshop CS5.1   Zotero Standalone
  Dreamweaver CS5.5    
  Bridge CS CS5.1    
  Device Central CS5.5    
  Extension Manager CS5.5    

*iMac #6 has MS Office 2016 & Safari


Software available at specific workstations

The location of the workstation with the specific software is in italics. The software is usually accessible from the start menu.

Beyond 20/20
E-classroom 224/225
A browser that allows you to view and manipulate data, e.g. Statistics Canada data.  From the company:   "Beyond 20/20 makes it easy to organize raw summary data into compelling multi-dimensional datasets that can be freely accessed on the Web or in an offline environment."
| Quickstart guide | Demonstrations |

Workflows (Sirsi)
E-classrooms 116
Access to Workflows is for class use only.  The course instructor must arrange set-up with Inforum staff at least a month in advance of the class.


Software available at student prices

The Information Commons Licensed Software Office (LSO)
The LSO negotiates and administers software license agreements with many vendors in order to decrease overall software costs to the University. The software can be purchased by UofT students, faculty and staff. However, depending on the agreement with the vendor, not all software is available to everyone.