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iSkills: Professional, Academic, and Technical Workshops

Registration is open for the Winter 2017 iSkills workshops.  The iSkills Winter 2017 calendar may prove useful in helping you schedule your time.

The MI and MMSt curricula fit together with the iSkills workshops to create a unique and complete information and heritage graduate educational experience, as the iSkills workshops are the venues where iSchool graduate students develop, enhance, and refine their social networks and research, professional, personal and technical knowledge. 

These workshops:

  • Are available exclusively to currently enrolled iSchool students
  • Are a crucial part of successful studies at the iSchool
  • Provide a solid foundation to the practical and theoretical content of our MI and MMSt programs

Workshop handouts

Missed a workshop but still interested in the material? Check the table below for available workshop handouts and presentation materials from Winter 2016 and before. Handouts are generally posted in the week following the last session of a workshop.  Handouts from previous terms can be accessed by changing the year and term in the dropdown menus below.


If you are unable to attend a workshop you signed up for, make sure to withdraw,, at least 24 hours prior to the workshop.

Penalty ($)

Should you fail to withdraw 24+ hours in advance; thus, preventing your interested colleagues on the waitlist from filling in your spot, your library account will be charged $5. 

Questions, comments, & suggestions

All questions, comments, and suggestions relating to iSkills workshops should be directed to Inforum Librarian, Outreach & Instructional Services Coordinator,iskillsatutoronto [dot] ca ( )kathleen [dot] scheafferatutoronto [dot] ca (subject: instructional%20workshops) (Kathleen )iskillsatutoronto [dot] ca (Scheaffer).

Year Term Category Title Materials Video?
2017 Winter iSkills Deconstructing Databases: Becoming a Better (Re)searcher
2017 Winter iSkills 3D Printing*
2017 Winter iSkills Forensic Disk Imaging with the Kryoflux
2017 Winter iSkills Museum Gaming and Evaluation for Total n00bs*
2017 Winter iSkills Introduction to Data Management and Statistical Analysis with SPSS
2017 Winter iSkills Wearables and the Body*
2017 Winter iSkills Introduction to Business Research
2017 Winter iSkills Writing Business Reports and Executive Summaries
2017 Winter iSkills Introduction to Creating Online Tutorials with Screencasts
2017 Winter iSkills GIS Librarianship
2017 Winter iSkills Introduction to InDesign*
2017 Winter iSkills Introduction to Bibliometrics & Altmetrics
2017 Winter iSkills Introduction to Photoshop*
2017 Winter iSkills Introduction to Illustrator*
2017 Winter iSkills Career Networking
2017 Winter iSkills Financial Literacy
2017 Winter iSkills Data Visualization
2017 Winter iSkills A Day in the Life of an Archivist
2017 Winter iSkills Press Release Writing
2017 Winter iSkills Subject Discovery in Library Catalogues
2017 Winter iSkills Interdisciplinary Databases for Assignments: Scopus & Web of Science: Research Metrics and more
2017 Winter iSkills Basic Video Preservation Hands-On Training
2017 Winter iSkills Public Library Leadership
2017 Winter iSkills Inclusion, Outreach and Where to Go From Here: An iSkills Workshop on Barriers to Information Services
2017 Winter iSkills Storyboarding
2017 Winter iSkills Social Work Approach for Information and Heritage Professionals Supporting Homeless Users
2017 Winter iSkills Confident Presentations
2017 Winter iSkills Raspberry Pi Hack-a-thon*
2017 Winter iSkills UX Portfolio
2017 Winter iSkills Mountmaking*